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How to remove a garment lock by yourself?

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Have you ever gone home with the anti-theft device still attached to your clothes after the checkout process? ? Annoying… You don’t want to go back to the store to have it removed. Several options exist.

Removing a garment lock

Option 1: like an old hard drive

Use a strong magnet, like a hard drive magnet for example.

Hard Drive magnet

Hard Drive magnet

Option 2: the like bought on Amazon for 15 euros

Use a powerful neodymium magnet, available on Amazon

Magnets on Amazon

Magnets on Amazon

Option 3: the saw

Sawing around the lock (plastic side), ideally with a mini hacksaw, the small balls inside will eject easily, and unstuck the tip.

To avoid damaging the fabric

Pull on the lock, saw directly the tip, try to cut the tip with pliers.

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