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You want to become a courier but you don’t know how?

We tell you how much you’ll earn and explain all the steps to become a delivery person and give you all the information about these new companies.

Being a delivery person at Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Stuart, Gorilla…

To become a delivery person, more precisely, a courier, the following conditions must be met

  • Be of age ;
  • Be independent (micro-company, SARL …) ;
  • Have a bike;
  • Have a smartphone;
  • Have an identity document allowing to create a company in France.

Examples of remunerations

Here are some examples of salaries in Paris.

The following salaries are given as an indication, and are likely to change. Do not hesitate to indicate the changes in the comment zone and to share your experiences.

Uber Eat

Paris : 2,85 €/journey + 0,81 €/km
Other cities: 2,85 €/journey + 0,76 €/km


  • 4,50 € if distance between pick-up and delivery < 1,75 km
  • 5,50 € if distance between pick-up and delivery between 1,75 and 3,5 km
  • 7,30 € if distance between pick-up and delivery between 3,5 and 5 km
  • 8,80 € if distance between pick-up and delivery between 5 and 7 km
  • 0,75 € + 1,15 €/km if distance > 7 km
  • + 1,88 € per additional delivery point of the same race


  • 5,00 €/h + 0,50 €/order + 0,5 to 1,5 €/km

Who can I work for?

Becoming a Deliveroo driver

The platform made its appearance in France in 2015. It quickly expanded throughout France. In fact, now the Deliveroo meal delivery service is present in nearly 90 French cities.

Once the customer orders his or her meal via the app, it is automatically sent to the restaurant. When the restaurant validates the order, then the courier who is closest is notified to come and pick up the order. Thus, once the order is ready and collected, the courier must deliver the order as soon as possible.

Sign up at https://careers.deliveroo.fr/fr/

Becoming a delivery person with Uber Eats

The platform made its appearance in France in March 2016, only in Paris, then very quickly expanded to all of France. Now, the meal delivery service Uber Eats is present in nearly 350 French cities and regularly opens new cities whose size is increasingly small.

Same operation as Deliveroo.

Registration: https://www.uber.com/ch/en/deliver/

Becoming a delivery driver at Stuart

Created in 2015, Stuart was officially launched in Paris in April 2016. Then, in 2017, the company was acquired by GeoPost, itself part of the La Poste Group.

Unlike other platforms, the customer does not order directly on the Stuart website. Instead, companies use Stuart’s delivery services to ensure their deliveries. Thus, automatically, when an order is placed, Stuart is notified and designates a courier to take care of the delivery. The courier must then pick up the order and deliver it as quickly as possible to its destination.

Sign up at https://stuart.com/fr/devenir-coursier/

Becoming a delivery person at Frichti

Frichti manufactures the dishes they offer for sale. The company’s credo is to make quality, fresh, homemade food that you can eat for lunch and dinner.

Created in 2015, Frichti is a platform that allows you to have your meals, or groceries, delivered. The service gives access to healthy, responsible and inexpensive food. Today, Frichti has 350 employees, 20 hubs, 10,000 orders per day.

Sign up at https://www.frichti.co/landing

Becoming a delivery person at Gorilla

Gorillas is a German company founded in May 2020 that specializes in home grocery delivery in minutes.

Compared to its competitors Uber Eats or Deliveroo, who historically deliver meals rather than groceries, Gorillas pays its employees and delivery staff, instead of hiring them as microentrepreneurs.

Sign up at https://gorillas.io/fr/livrez-avec-nous

Becoming a delivery person at Pharmao

Founded in January 2016, Pharmao is a drug and parapharmacy delivery service. Operating via a mobile app, the service allows customers to have medications and parapharmacy delivered 7 days a week while managing their neighborhood pharmacy.

When the customer places an order with the application, it is automatically sent to the pharmacy concerned. At the same time, the courier closest to the pharmacy is notified to pick up the order. Finally, once the order is picked up, it is simply delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

Registration: https://www.pharmao.fr

How to become a deliveryman / courier ?

Declare yourself a micro-entrepreneur:

  • Become a micro-entrepreneur or already own a company;
  • Have a smartphone
  • Install the app
  • Have an external rechargeable battery.
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