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How to rent a car for 1 euro anywhere in Europe?

Ford red car
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Going away for the weekend or ensuring a move for 1€ is possible with DriiveMe or Hiflow by repatriating vehicles (passenger or commercial) from car rental companies.

Rental a car for 1 euro

Rent a car for free no. But for 1 euro yes. It’s possible by helping car rental companies balance their fleets, and move their vehicles daily.

A one-way car rental

For 1€, you rent a car or van (from city A to city B) one way.

Rental and mileage

You get a 24-hour rental and enough mileage to make a detour.

All risk insurance

For the duration of your trip, you are covered by the car rental company’s insurance.

Fuel and tolls

As with any rental, you are responsible for mileage expenses (fuel and tolls). You can reduce these expenses by carpooling.

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