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10 tips to succeed on TikTok and start influencing

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Are you dreaming about the TikTok millionaires, and do you want to get started? Here are 10 tips to follow to be successful every time.

10 tips to be successful on TikTok

Find your niche and stick to it

You can follow the trends and create the same thing as most people and get views.
But if you want to differentiate yourself from other TikTok creators and create your own community, you need to find a niche.

Show something unique

In addition to following trends, you should try something that people have never seen before.
This will help you establish your personality, which will allow users to recognize you among millions of other creators.

Prepare and practice

A popular trend on TikTok is transition videos, so popular that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos of TikTok users showing others how to master the transition effect.

Post videos every day

Even if they don’t reach many people.

Use hashtags wisely

Using hashtags doesn’t guarantee your video a spot on the For You page.

Take advantage of trends

The For You page features the most popular videos. Pay attention to them and take advantage of them.

Contribute to the TikTok videos you like

Your comments on other videos can raise your TikTok profile.
A good start is to engage with influencers. Follow them, share/comment/like their videos, and interact with their followers.

Redirect your followers from other social media accounts.

If you already have an Instagram account or YouTube account with many followers, let your followers know about your TikTok profile as well.

Customize your profile picture

TikTok videos are real, raw and authentic. So, make your profile look consistent with your videos.
You don’t have to put your best face forward. As long as the photo represents you or reflects your personality, it’s fine.

Don’t give up

If there’s one mantra to take away from all this expert marketing advice on TikTok, it’s this: don’t give up. Translated with (free version)

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