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The best American grocery in Paris

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Here is the list of Anglo-Saxon grocery stores in the capital, where you will find ingredients to taste right away or that will allow you to prepare typical dishes yourself.

American grocery in Paris


“THANKSGIVING” is an American grocery store that offers the largest selection of products imported from the United States in Paris. You will find cream cheese to prepare cheese cake, pancake flour or “TexMex” products. When it’s time for Thanksgiving, a typical holiday more and more celebrated in France, the grocery store also becomes a caterer, and you can find carrot cakes or “stuffed roasted turkeys”.

Thanksgiving – 20, rue Saint Paul 75004 PARIS – Tél : 01 42 77 68 29 – Open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:20 am to 7 pm, Sunday from 10:20 am to 6 pm. Closed on Monday.

Grande épicerie de Paris

At the GRANDE ÉPICERIE DE PARIS, near the Bon Marché, you’ll find a rather well-stocked American section, with marshmallow pastry, M&M’s with coconut or peanut butter, beef jerky (pieces of dried meat), Dr.Pepper (a kind of almond-flavored Coke) or even Caesar Sauce.

Grande épicerie de Paris – 38 rue de Sèvres – 75007- Monday to Saturday from 8:20am to 9pm

Adèle’s Family

ADÈLE’S FAMILY is a small store that is both a “Bagel Café” and an American grocery store. It is as charming as its pale yellow front. The grocery section is small but there are tables where you can eat the bagels, hot dogs or cheese cakes already prepared. The grocery store sells about the same products as La Grande Épicerie, special M&ms, beef jerky, peanut butter, Cherry Coke, etc. A nice and original address.

Adèle’s Family – 67 rue d’Argout – 75002 – Tuesday to Friday from 11:35am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday from 11:20am to 6pm.

Irish Counter

LE COMPTOIR IRLANDAIS is a store that sells many grocery products imported from Ireland (but also generally from British countries) as well as clothing. You will find for example a very large selection of whisky and beers.

Comptoir irlandais – 57 rue de Tolbiac – 75013

Irish Counter – 157 Boulevard Voltaire – 75011

ENGLISH SCOTTISH IRISH AMERICAN GROCERY STORE IN PARIS “YES IT’S HERE ! Tiny store very well supplied where you will find many English products, but also Irish, American and Scottish. You can buy Christmas Pooding, porridge, cupcake frosting, Coleman’s mustard, cranberry jam. Lou Doillon is a fan and claims to find all the products that remind her of London! Many Anglo Saxons living in Paris shop there. Very pleasant and competent welcome.

5 Cité du Wauxhall – 75010 – Open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and Saturday from 11am to 7pm

The Real Mac Coy

THE REAL MC COY is a small and well-stocked American grocery store, located next to the American University (a few meters away, there is also a Café Mc Coy). In its wooded shelves (the store looks like a Louisiana cabin), you will find cakes (cookies, oreos etc) and ready-made canned dinners, typically American, frozen bagels or Dr. Pepper, many sauces and different types of popcorn. The shelves follow the course of the year: you will find what to prepare for Thanksgiving in October, many cookies at Christmas, etc.

The Real Mac Coy – 194, rue de Grenelle – 75007 Paris
Mc Coy Café – 49, avenue Bosquet – 75007 Paris

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