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What to bring when you are invited to an aperitif

Serving champagne in flutes
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You’re invited to an appetizer party… what to bring?

What to bring to a cocktail party

  • a sliced baker’s country bread and/or grain breads (cornbread, Viking bread, 7-grain bread) or a nut/olive/bacon bread…
  • with a box of tapenade, a box of rillettes, terrines, liver creams, eggplant caviar, a foie gras and its fig jam… from Hédiard or Fauchon or Comtesse du Barry or Lafayette Gourmet or a local producer in your area (or another delicatessen)
  • herb or chili olives
  • a Beaufort d’alpage, Comté cheese, Tomme cheese (ewe or cow), which will be cut into strips
  • Tête de Moine (prepared by your cheese maker)
  • coated fresh cheeses (herbs, grapes…)
  • flaky appetizers purchased from a bakery
  • an excellent sausage (smoked, hazelnut, mushroom…)
  • sausage rolls or breadsticks made by your baker
  • Italian deli meats
  • vegetable chips purchased from a deli
  • a bottle of Muscat
  • an Innocent smoothie

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