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Protect yourself and simulate a presence to avoid a burglary

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Here are some tips (without an alarm system) that are not very expensive, and that can avoid a bad surprise when you return home, if your house or apartment remains empty during the summer.

Avoid a burglary

Don’t brag on social networks

Three tips on the internet:

  • Don’t announce your departure, return and destination dates on facebook,
  • Limit automatic replies to your emails (e.g. only for your contacts),
  • And do not take pictures of your plane tickets on social networks.

Have your mail collected

Ask your neighbors to come and pick up your mail, or the janitor to keep your letters in his room. A full mailbox is an invitation to burglary.

Program the lights at night

Buy for about ten euros programmable electrical outlets allowing you to turn on a light, or even better a TV. Some have random modes!

Stick video surveillance stickers on your door

Get stickers from video surveillance companies, and stick them in a visible way.

Transfer your phone line

Consider requesting a transfer of your landline to a cell phone.

Simulate a presence during the day

Ask your friends to raise or lower a shutter when they come to water the plants in order to show a presence, visible from outside. If you have a home automation system, it’s better.

Notify the police

Ask your police station or your gendarmerie for a surveillance of your home: free service from July 1st to August 31st (operation “Tranquillité vacances”).

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