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Address of the best bureau de change in Paris

Paris - Musée d'Orsay
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Article updated in 2019.

Best bureau de change in Paris

One of the best currency exchange offices in Paris is APS. Their website is They have two addresses in Paris

APS à porte Maillot

233 bd Pereire

75017 Paris

APS Paris Etoile

30 avenue de Friedland

75008 Paris

APS courses by phone at 01 45 72 42 62

You can call APS at 01 45 72 42 62. They will immediately give you the exact amount you will get, directly by phone. You can then check that it is the cheapest by calling other exchange offices by phone.

This amount is guaranteed all day (they give you a code).

Other exchange offices

Another exchange office that was interesting is at 9 rue Scribe next to the Opera Garnier, 200 meters from Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. But it is more expensive than APS. As far as agencies are concerned, you have to know that many of them boast about not taking any commission, but they make up for it with their rates.

Flash sales

Also worth noting, when there is too much stock in a certain currency, currency exchange offices conduct flash sales. In this case, the rates can be the same as those used by banks for very large volumes.

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