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Block commercial and malicious calls on Android and iPhone

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When your landline phone rings, you don’t even pick it up anymore. More than nine times out of ten, it’s a phone operator offering you a better insurance contract or a new energy supplier… And now, the same thing is happening on your cell phone.

Good news, on your cell phone, a free and ad-free app can solve the problem in 3 clicks.

Block commercial and malicious calls

Orange Phone is a 100% free and ad-free application that replaces the call button on your Android and iPhone smartphone, and works with all operators (not just Orange).

Identifies and blocks spam calls automatically

The app allows you to identify spam calls before you even pick up the phone, and block them.


The whole point of the application is that it allows you to automatically block numbers identified as spam by the application’s user community. This way, you won’t receive these calls on your phone at all and you won’t be disturbed anymore!

In the same way, you can also block some of your contacts, if necessary.

 Fight spam with the community

You can report spam numbers yourself and block them from being disturbed. In this way, your report will be shared with the community to fight more effectively against scams and abusive telemarketing.

The app allows you to:

  • detect unwanted calls
  • block them automatically,
  • identify unknown numbers (reverse directory),
  • and even check the price of calls to premium rate numbers.

Download the application Orange Phone

Orange phone app icon
Orange phone

On Android

On iPhoneéléphone/id1441313724

How to set up the app

Here are our advices to set up the app properly:

  • You must check “block hidden numbers”.
  • You must also check “block telemarketing and malicious numbers, which you report, and which are reported by the community”.
  • You should disable all notifications about blocked numbers. This way you will be really safe.
Orange phone setup
Orange phone setup

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