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Bra size matching FR / UK / US

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Small guide to not make a mistake, and buy well on the internet.

Knowing your cup size

First, you need to measure your bust size yourself with a tape measure. To then know your cup size, you must first measure your chest size from the tip of your breasts, then subtract your bust size from this number: – if the difference is 10 cm, you make an A cup. – if the difference is 15 cm, you make a B cup. – if the difference is 17.5 cm, you make a C cup. – if the difference is 20 cm, you make a D cup. – if the difference is 22,5 cm, you make a cup E. The right cup should be neither too big nor too small: your breasts should fill it correctly, without overflowing or showing your nipples.

Bra size matching

32AA 32A 70A 85A
32A 32B 70B 85B
32B 32C 70C 85C
32C 32D 70D 85D
32DD 10D 70DD 70DD
34AA 34A 75A 90A
34A 34B 75B 90B
34B 34C 75C 90C
34C 34D 75D 90D
34D 34DD 75DD 90DD
34DD 34E 75E 90E
36A 36B 80B 95B
36B 36C 80C 95C
36C 36D 80D 95D
36D 36DD 80DD 95DD
36DD 36E 80E 95E
38B 38C 85C 100C
38C 38D 85D 100D
38D 38DD 85DD 100DD
38DD 38E 85E 100E

For the cups, if in doubt, take a size down if you order in the USA. Ex 90B -> 34A. Then there are several strategies to then enhance your cleavage and choose the right bra.


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