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Cloud encrypted files: Google drive vs kDrive

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If privacy and security is a concern regarding the file you store on Google Drive, you should have a look to kDrive. kDrive is a cloud where it is possible to have encrypted files both in the cloud and on the client side.

This second level encryption ensure that kDrive will not spy at you and respect your privacy. kDrive will enhance the security of you file of offering you a second layer of encryption.

Cloud encrypted files

Securing file in Google Drive is not possible

Google does not currently offer individual users the ability to lock documents with a password.

Google Drive data is encrypted on the server side to protect against unauthorized access. This means your uploaded files are not protected Google admin or NSA who may have some wide access Only E2EE, performed on your device can garante only you have the password.

Securing file in kDrive is possible

kDrive is offering an interesting encryption feature not offered by gDrive, which can let you use online edition. You can add an additional encryption layer to each of your documents. For that, you open any file (a spreadsheet for instance), your click on the Protection tab, and then on the padlock icon to encrypt the file. You can choose a long random password which can not be guessed through brute force. Only you own the password. Downloaded file remain encrypted with this password.

kDrive Document encryption
kDrive Document encryption

Replacing gDrive by kDrive

You might want to replace Google email and Google Drive services if privacy if a top priority for you. A free solution, based in Switzerland, worth to try in Infomaniak. It comes with free 20 GB emails and free 15 GB drive. Everything looks nice and sleek. File encryption offers a E2E encryption feature, while online editing remains operational.

Conclusion: Move to kDrive if you want to secure your Google Drive files.


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