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International Spelling Alphabet

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Phonetic alphabet for international communication where it is sometimes important to provide correct spelling.

International Spelling Alphabet

International code word

Character International code word Pronunciation NOP- code word suggestions
A Alfa – Alpha AL FAH America
B Bravo BRAH VOH Banana
C Charlie CHAR LEE or SHAR LEE China
D Delta DELL TAH Dog
E Echo ECK OH Elephant
F Foxtrot FOKS TROT Flower
G Golf GOLF Golf
H Hotel HOH TELL Hotel
I India IN DEE AH India
J Juliett – Juliet JEW LEE ETT Jamaica
K Kilo KEY LOH Kilo
L Lima LEE MAH London
M Mike MIKE Mars
N November NO VEM BER New York
O Oscar OSS CAH Orange
P Papa PAH PAH Prince
Q Quebec KEH BECK Queen
R Romeo ROW ME OH Radio
S Sierra SEE AIR RAH Sunday
T Tango TANG GO Tiger
V Victor VIK TAH Venus
W Whiskey WISS KEY Water
X X-ray ECKS RAY X-ray
Y Yankee YANG KEY Yellow
Z Zulu ZOO LOO Zebra
Digit Code word Pronunciation
0 Zero ZEE-RO
1 One WUN
2 Two TOO
3 Three TREE
4 Four FOW-ER
5 Five FIFE
6 Six SIX
7 Seven SEV-EN
8 Ait Eight AIT
9 Nine NIN-ER
100 Hundred HUN-DRED
1000 Thousand TOU-SAND

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