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Jellyfin vs Plex: which one to choose

Plex media server
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Jellyfin vs Plex : media streaming solution to manage your collections of video, music, photos, ebooks. Which to choose. We tested both.

Jellyfin vs Plex

Why we like Jellyfin

  • Jellyfin is open source
  • Jellyfin is 100% free
  • Jellyfin can manage video, music, photos and also ebooks (PDF, ePub)
  • Jellyfin, contrary to Plex, is not full a trackers

Why we like Plex

  • Plex identify tag accurately, Jellyfin creates a real mess in your music library
  • Plex can connect to Sonos, but Jellyfin can not
  • Plex can download your music offline (if you paid the life plan), Jellyfin can not.
  • Jellyfin manage ebooks, but do not display covers and do not sort them by tags


You can install Jellyfin in parallel of Plex to test it. Both app can scan your same Media folder.

Clearly we’ll stick to Plex.

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