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How to choose a LED, fluorescent, incandescent or halogen bulb?

Light bulb on
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Table of correspondence to replace its bulbs :

  • LED bulb,
  • compact fluorescent bulb (CFL),
  • halogen bulb,
  • incandescent bulb with filament.

Correspondence LED, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen bulb

Power (Lumen) Glowing Ampoule Halogen bulb Fluo bulb LED bulb
250lm 25W 20W 7W 4W
470lm 40W 28W 10W 8W
805lm 60W 42W 13W 10W
1055lm 75W 53W 17W 12W
1520lm 100W 70W 23W 15W
2450lm 150W 110W 35W 22W

Benefits of LED bulbs

LED bulbs are slightly more expensive to buy (about 5 euros on Amazon for an LED bulb for example), but the cost of investment pays for itself in a hurry.

  • In fact their lifespan is much longer; they last more than 20,000 hours, or several years of daily use.
  • And their consumption much lower …

A study by the European Commission indicates that a saving of 115 euros will be made on average by an owner of LED bulb throughout its lifetime.

Table to download

Table (image) by saving on your phone

Equivalences puissance ampoules
Equivalences puissance ampoules

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