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Location of the Amazon Locker Elize (Les 4 Temps La Défense)

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Featuring lockers of three different sizes, the Amazon Locker is equipped with a touch screen on which customers must enter the code corresponding to their order, in order to release the package ordered on the e-commerce site. It allows you to pick up your packages directly at la Défense.

Amazon Locker Elize at the 4 Times

Amazon Locker Elize at the 4 Times

Location of the Amazon Locker Elize

The Amazon Locker Elize at La Défense is located at Quatre Temps in the Mandarin Shaft, level 0. When you are facing Auchan, you go down one level with the escalator, as if you were going to the parking lots. It’s right next to the Amazon Lockers Diane and Gilles.

Amazon Locker Elize location

Amazon Locker Elize location

How Amazon Locker Elize works

Delivery in 2-3 business days is free for as little as 25 EUR of eligible purchases. All packages delivered to Amazon Locker locations must be picked up within three business days. If you are unable to pick up the package within this time frame, it will be returned and your money refunded.

Other Amazon lockers in La Defense

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