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Bye bye Spotify: Free no-ads alternative to Spotify

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Too much ads on Spotify… Would you like to have no-ads on spotify for free… ? Here is a free alternative

Free + no-ads Spotify = Jango

Jango free music

Jango is free unlimited music with no commercial interruptions! It is a free personalized music streaming service that plays your favorite music by artists you love.

Jango screenshot 1
Jango screenshot 1

It works on your computer, on Android, on iOS…

Choose your music stations or favourite artists or both

You can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like Top 100, Hot Country, Classic Rock & more…

Jango screenshot 2
Jango screenshot 2

Or you can search the name of your favorite artist or band, and Jango will create a custom station based on their music and that of similar artists.

And save your favourite songs, your equalizer preference, etc…

100% free with no ads

Now with no ads and unlimited free listening.

Already a listener on your computer? Great! Just install Jango Radio on your Android device and log in to access your existing stations and take your music with you.

Jango screenshot 3
Jango screenshot 3


Jango est the best alternative to Spotify, with no ads, and free music.

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