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Review and test of a prepaid credit card (Transcash)

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We have tested the prepaid credit card Transcash, but there are others… PCS Mastercard, Sogexia…

Transcash anonymous prepaid card

The anonymous prepaid bank card Transcash is offered at €9.90, this anonymous payment card is systematically authorized and without income requirements.

Transcash card usage limits

The limits for the Transcach anonymous online bank card are as follows:

  • Payment: $150 per day
  • Drawdown: €50 over the entire contract period
  • Card balance: 150€ maximum
  • Reload: €150 per month

With the anonymous reloadable prepaid bank card, you can make payments and withdrawals in France and in the French overseas departments and territories, operations abroad are not allowed with an anonymous bank card tobacconist’s office.

Transcash current fees

Here are the current bank card fees:

  • Payment: free
  • Draft: €1.50
  • Reload by coupon: fee depends on the amount of the coupon
  • Reload by credit card: 2% of the reloaded amount

The process to get the Transcash card

The process to get the anonymous prepaid bank card is as follows:

  • Purchase of the bank card on the internet or at a partner tobacconist
  • Activation of the Transcash account

If you want to obtain a RIB or access more services, you must provide Transcash with an ID.

Here are the things to remember about the Transcash prepaid anonymous bank card:

  • Attractive pricing: the anonymous bank card costs €9.90 to purchase
  • Fast subscription: at a tobacconist and on the internet
  • 2 ways to reload: by bank card and by buying coupons on the internet or at a partner tobacconist
  • 40,000 partner tobacconists

User guide provided by Transcash

User Guide provided by Transcash
User Guide provided by Transcash (2021)

Testing the Transcash card

So we bought a Transcash card in a tobacco shop, and loaded it with 150 euros.

Unlike usual cards, be aware that you will be charged for every micro transaction. For example a payment that can’t be completed is charged a few cents. And everything is like that. This service is very expensive, much more expensive than in an online bank or in neo banque.

It is then very complicated to use this card because first it cannot be credited with more than 150 euros. Then it is not possible to withdraw more than 50 euros from an ATM over the 2 year duration of the card.

For the remaining 100 euros most of the websites do not accept this card. In any case, it is not possible to use it internationally. And the payment in store is limited to one and only one category of business (which you have to define when you activate your card).

In conclusion, a very expensive card, and practically unusable.

We strongly advise against this card, so-called social, especially for a gift.

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