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10 tips for firm breasts without sagging breasts

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With age, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, the breasts sometimes tend to sag and fall below the submammary fold, which is the natural crease under the breasts.

Tips sagging breasts

Tips to avoid sagging breasts

For a beautiful chest, you can also use natural means:

  • Do not expose your breasts to the sun (the skin that supports the breasts loses its elasticity);
  • Do not compress your breasts, especially by not sleeping on your stomach;
  • Wear a bra that is the right size and shape for your breasts;
  • Exercise, but avoid “aggressive” sports;
  • Avoid very hot showers: use cool water instead, especially on your breasts;
  • Maintain a healthy weight and above all avoid yo-yoing: gaining and losing weight alternately, as well as weight variations due to pregnancy, contribute to deforming the breasts.

Tips to regain a firm chest

There are no muscles in the breasts. On the other hand, you can build up your pectoral muscles, those muscles located just below the chest and which support it. Thus, strengthening the pectoral muscles helps to enhance the chest.
In this area, several exercises are available to you if your breasts fall:

  • Do push-ups ;
  • squeeze a ball: place it at the level of your chest and squeeze it with the palms of your hands;
  • With two tennis balls: take one in each palm, then stretch your arms to shoulder height, with your elbows slightly bent, then squeeze the balls and release them;
  • Practice the backstroke at the pool.

Cosmetic surgery

If the solutions proposed above are insufficient, there is still cosmetic surgery. This breast surgery consists of raising the breasts and redesigning a nice curve.

It is an operation that lasts about two hours, under general anesthesia and requiring hospitalization. The decision should not be taken lightly.

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