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What to bring back from the USA: shopping list… ?

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All the shopping and gift ideas to bring in from the USA. GCity helps you make sure you don’t forget anything on your shopping list, and explains how to order what you might have forgotten.

An iPad or iPod to bring back from the US

Even though Apple products can be found all over the world, prices are 30% cheaper in the US, even at the glass cube-shaped Apple Store on 5th Avenue.

A Hollister or Abercrombie sweater

If Abercrombie moved to Paris a few months ago, it is still not the case of its Californian sub-brand Hollister. Here a hoodie is called hoodie and can be found from 50 dollars in the beautiful eponymous store.

Urban Outfitters clothing

Ali Baba’s cave, you will find treasures in the superb stores of the American brand that has outlets everywhere…except in France. The obligatory passage of any Frenchie who respects himself.

Levi’s jeans

Classic you will say, and yet not very fashionable there… 511s or others at less than 30 dollars each. OMG is the specialist of the genre but it is possible to find them everywhere especially at Daffy’s or Forever 21.

Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein shirts

These two brands are clearly less expensive in the United States. The cheapest are sold at Filene’s Basement or even the ultra-famous Century 21. Starting at just a handful of dollars.

An Alife t-shirt

For their originality and because their quality is said to be indestructible. About $40/50.

And an I run in Central Park t-shirt

To show that you’re sporty, and avoid the traditional I love NY t-shirt.

Victoria’s Secret lingerie

For a “naughty” gift, go to Victoria’s Secret! Ultra padded bra, fluorescent or just sexy. There are stores all over town.

American Eagle boxers

Especially the fluorescent ones. Count $12 for one, $20 for two.

A Manhattan Portage bag

The famous bag and satchel brand has a store in the city, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Customized Converse

The brand’s Soho store offers custom graffiti. Count $25 on top of the purchase to customize the entire pair.

I love NY key chains

For a change from I love NY t-shirts, and keep a little souvenir with your keys.

The Starbuck’s NY mug

The Seattle franchise is everywhere so why a mug? Because the one with the buildings and the embossed yellow cab can only be bought in New York.

Clinique products

To buy in New York because they are up to three times cheaper than in France especially the Basic 3 Temps.

Lip balms

You won’t find the Burt’s Bees and You Da Balm lip balms. And the top of the top: the Carmex balm, slightly minty but also with strawberry, cherry…

M&M’s not found in France

Coconut, pretzels, dark chocolate, almonds, peanut butter or even mint: place your bets!

Peanut Butter Peanut Butter & Co

This brand is sold in supermarkets but also has a boutique cafe where you can buy (and taste) all of its creations.

Mini marshmallows

Great for letting melt in a cup of homemade hot chocolate or grilling on the barbecue.

Hersey’s toppings

For making a homemade sundae. Strawberry, chocolate raspberry, caramel and peanut butter flavors.

French’s Mustard

A classic found on every restaurant table and used to top any hot dog worth its salt.

Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce

No real barbecue without Jack Daniel’s Original American Barbecue Sauce #7!

Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix

If in France it’s Aunt Suzette who makes pancakes, in the US it’s Aunt Jemima who makes pancakes. I love the retro packaging.

Jack Link’s Jerky

In the land of snacking, beef jerky is a hit.

A Yankees cap

Because the traditional Yankees cap will always be the Yankees cap, except this one you’ll be the one to bring back from NY.

Or a Brooklyn Brewery cap

New York’s best-known micro-brewery, Brooklyn Brewery sells caps that are perfect for an original and cheap gift ($15). Unless you’re tempted by the winter version with the beanie for the same price.

And if you forgot something

You can order it and have it shipped much cheaper via a shipping center like Shipito, which offers great fees, and may even save you customs fees.

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