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3 Adsense alternatives that pays in bitcoin in 2023

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Ad is a popular tool for making money online through your website or blog through adverts, but Google is not the only choice out there. There are lots of Adsense alternatives you might want to check out.

Adsense alternative


Whether you’ve not yet set up an publisher account, you’ve had trouble getting it approved, or you’d like to diversify your income, there are many different alternative advertising programs that offer great features and allow you to make additional income from your website.

Payment in bitcoins

Ad companies my pay via bank transfer or via Paypal… but this is not the only way. You can also request some bitcoin payment for some of them.

Ad Formats

Various formats may be offered:

  • Pop-Under: A full-screen ad that appears behind the browser window of a publisher’s website.
  • Interstitial: An attention-grabbing skippable full-screen ad that overlays a publisher’s website while maintaining a great user experience.
  • Native Ads: An ad that seamlessly matches the look and layout of a publisher’s website without disrupting the user experience.
  • Banners: A traditional display ad in various sizes such as skyscraper, rectangle and leaderboard.
  • In-Page Push: Display behaviour similar to browser Push notification but monetizes any OS.
  • Direct link: a Smart Direct Link is a monetization ad unit for publishers and webmasters. It does not have any visual format, only an URL which can be put it anywhere: on your web page, mobile app, or use it for making money on social traffic.
  • Social bar: Various ads in turns, which means that each user will meet various advertising offer which looks like friendly notifications, icons, widgets, or custom lead forms.

Adsense alternative that pays in bitcoin


adsterra pays publishers in bitcoins and offers various formats:

  • Banners
  • Native ads
  • Pop-Under
  • Direct link
  • Social bar


Adcash pays publishers in bitcoins and offers various formats:

  • Pop-Under
  • Interstitial
  • Native Ads
  • Banners
  • In-Page Push also pays publishers in bitcoins and but only offers old fashioned banner.

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