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Free cloud alternative to gDrive and OneDrive (with free Word/Excel)

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Looking for a free Word/Excel/Powerpoint alternative to gDrive and OneDrive. You prefer not to store your documents in the Google or Microsoft cloud… Good news, there is a solution.

Free alternative to gDrive and OneDrive

The free online solution kDrive allows you to create an account with 15 GB of storage in the cloud and a free 20 GB email address for life.

What is Infomaniak and kDrive?

Infomaniak is a Swiss company that specializes in web hosting, streaming audio and video content and video on demand. It offers cloud and email services.

kDrive is the Infomaniak solution for storing information, editing and sharing files online.

Word/Excel/Powerpoint in kDrive

The service can be used from a web browser, a desktop application or a mobile application. So you don’t necessarily need to install any software to use the service. And you can view and edit any type of document:

  • text
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

The kDrive app on mobile: Android and iOS

With the free kDrive app, you can :

  • Manage, share and view your documents, photos, videos and audio files.
  • Automatically back up your photo gallery
  • Add any file to your kDrive
  • Store files locally for offline access
  • View, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Access your documents without an internet or WiFi connection
kDrive mobile app screenshot
kDrive mobile app screenshot

Respect for privacy

Your data is encrypted on Infomaniak’s servers. The applications are exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland. Your data is not resold or analyzed. The NSA does not have access to the data.

Confidentiality and transparency are the foundations of Infomaniak. Therefore, the best free alternative to the web giants.

Document sharing

kDrive is not limited to storage. To enable you to manage your data efficiently, it is possible to share it with anyone you want. Note that recipients do not need to have an account with kDrive to access the shared file or folder.


If you’re looking for a free alternative to store, view and edit your Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents… you don’t have to use Google and Microsoft services anymore; kDrive will do the trick. Even on your mobile. Translated with (free version)

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