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Timetable first and last metro line 14 Paris

Paris métro station
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Timetable for the first and last metro lines on line 14 of the Paris metro:

Terminus metro line 14 First departure Last departure


Last departure

(weekend / holiday)

Saint-Lazare 5h20 1h00 2h00
Olympiades 5h20 1h01 2h01

First and last metro line 14 timetable (Paris)

The table below lists the schedules for weekdays. The service is extended by one hour on Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eves: you must therefore add 1 hour to the last trains in the table below for these days (you can get home 1 hour later without having to take a cab…). Exceptional closures are indicated on the RATP website.

Metro line 14 timetable Direction Olympiades Direction Saint-Lazare
Station Premier train Dernier train Premier train Dernier train
Saint-Lazare 5h20 1h00 5h25 1h16
Madeleine 5h21 1h01 5h23 1h13
Pyramides 5h22 1h03 5h21 1h11
Châtelet 5h20 1h05 5h20 1h10
Gare de Lyon 5h29 1h08 5h20 1h06
Bercy 5h20 1h10 5h21 1h05
Cour Saint-Émilion 5h22 1h11 5h29 1h03
Bibliothèque François Mitterrand 5h24 1h13 5h28 1h02
Olympiades 5h26 1h15 5h20 1h01

Line 14 stations

Paris Metro Line 14 stations map
Paris Metro Line 14 stations map

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