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Levi’s men’s jeans cuts: 501, 504, 510, 511, 519… Choose well!

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How to find your way through the Levi’s men’s jeans cuts…

Levi’s 501, 504, 510, 511, 519…

Levi’s Men’s Jeans fit numbers

From the most skinny to the widest:

  • 519 Utra-Skinny: Low rise, molded hips and thighs and legs, very tight at the ankles
  • 510 Skinny: Low rise, fitted hips and thighs, narrow legs, tight at the ankles
  • 511 Slim: Low rise, fitted hips and thighs, narrow legs: best selling model
  • 513 Slim Straight: Low rise, fitted hips and thighs, fitted legs
  • 522 Slim Taper: high waist, fitted hips and thighs, tight at the ankles
  • 508 Regular Taper: Regular fit, regular fit in hips and thighs, tightened at the ankles
  • 520 Taper: Straight cut, wide waist, tight at the ankles
  • 506 Regular: Low rise, slim fit, straight leg
  • 504 Regular straight: Low rise, straight leg, slightly narrower than 501 in the thighs
  • 501 Original straight: Regular fit, straight leg
  • 505 Straight: regular waist, straight legs, slightly wider than 501 in the thighs
  • 514 Straight: Low rise, straight leg, slightly looser than 501 in the thighs
  • 751 Standard: Low rise, classic hip and thigh cut, straight leg
  • 527 Slim Boot Cut: Low rise, slim fit through the hips and thighs, flared ankles
  • 517 Boot cut: Regular fit, slim fit around hips and thighs, flared ankles
  • 541 Athletic fit: Regular fit, wide leg and buttocks, narrow ankles
  • 560 Comfort fit: Regular fit, wide
  • 569 Loose Straight: Low waist, wide

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So which Levi’s men’s jeans cuts to choose?

The nostalgic will continue to talk about the 501 as the reference. But the cut is outdated, too wide, it floats and falls badly. Unless you are massive, it is better to avoid.

The same goes for the regular cuts (506/508), wider than the straight cuts, to be avoided even more.

The 504 (semi-slim) remains close to the 501, too close in fact.

The 511 is a bit slimmer than the 504 and slightly more fitted at the bottom. The 511 is more a semi-slim than a slim. Ideal for slim men. If you are undecided, this is the model to buy.

The 510 looks like the 511 with calves / ankles more adjusted, but not tight… In short, it’s between the 511 and the 519 and it’s fashionable. If you are thin and find the 511 “too wide”, then buy a 510!

The 519 is ultra skinny. It feels a bit like putting on tights when you put on these jeans. Your calves will be tight. Your legs will look like matchsticks.

And the 562/533 will look great on rappers who like baggy, baggy pants, but that’s it.

Bottom line: if you’re not sure what to get, go with a 511. But if you like slim, then try a 510!

After choosing the cut, don’t be mistaken about the size

The waist size

The best thing is to try them on… because the size can vary from one fabric to another depending on the composition and especially the percentage of elastane mixed with cotton. There can be easily 1 size (or even 2) difference between two same numbers. So be careful!

The length of the legs

Here is a little guide to help you avoid the corkscrew effect at the ankles:

  • if you are less than 1m69, choose the size L30
  • if you are between 1m70 and 1m76, take the size L32
  • if you are between 1m77 and 1m86, choose size L34
  • if you are over 1m87, you need size L36

Choose the color

If you are undecided, dark colors (black or dark navy) will look best with a shirt for work or going out.

Worn (or even torn) jeans will not last as long.


Most of the Levi’s sold in Europe today are made in Poland, and sometimes in Vietnam, but you won’t find any made in Mexico (and even less in the USA), unless you go and buy them directly in the USA.

How to make your jeans last?

In the long run, and with each washing, the color will lighten according to the temperature in the machine: the hotter you wash, the lighter the color will be; that’s why it’s better to wash cold and never exceed 30° if you want to keep its original color.

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