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How to (really) please your boyfriend? 20 secrets to share

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How to (really) please your boyfriend

Dazzle his eyes!

1- Install a mood light
Install a suitable ambient light in the living room or in the bedroom: it should be subdued, warm, rather yellow-orange or even red. Especially not blue or green, cold colors that are not conducive to excitement!
2- Choose warm colors
In your bedroom or in the intimate room, choose warm colors, ethnic fabrics, shimmering, shiny. Drapes, curtains, rugs… Flee like the plague the “minimalist” style or the “loft trendy factory trendy” metallic, cold and naked. It is anti-erotic!
3- Make yourself beautiful
Make yourself beautiful! Men have an erotic attraction code that goes through their eyes, just like bulls react to red (it seems!), they react to feminine aesthetics. Prefer clothes of tender or hot color, sexy, suggestive without being vulgar, and especially which emphasize you! But there, you know how to choose, no need to give you advice.
4- Make up
Make up : lipstick is presumed by ethnologists to have a very erotic resonance : it would tend to represent the swelling of the small lips of the sex which redden under the effect of the desire !
5- Suggest
Suggest: if the sight is erogenous, showing too much is not necessarily. When choosing your clothes, don’t overdo it: a suggestive neckline that lets you guess is often more erotic than a completely transparent blouse that lets you see your breasts!
6- Move erotically.
Move erotically: The view is not only about what is still. It also captures movements… And some gestures are very exciting when the rest of the atmosphere allows to interpret them: pass your tongue on your lips, cross your legs, caress your thigh with one hand, unbutton your blouse a little more…
7- Install a mirror in your room
Install a mirror in your room. Seeing yourself cuddling can stimulate the ardor

Flatter her sense of smell

8- Offer him to smell your favorite perfume
Suggest that he breathes in your favorite perfume: stick your nose in a bun, a madeleine, or in a jasmine flower and say with an upside down look “it’s my favorite perfume, breathe it in… ”
9- Spray an amber perfume in the air
Spray in the air an amber, warm and sweet perfume like Shalimar, mitsouko, or an extract of amber or vanilla… Or opt for incense by selecting an erotic scent.
10- Take him out in your garden on a nice evening
Take him out in your garden on a beautiful summer evening to breathe in the scents of flowers that are more enchanting in the evening.
11- Perfume your laundry
Perfume your laundry, slip lavender sachets in your sheets for example.
12- Prepare a scented bath
Offer him a bottle of eau de toilette so that he sprays himself with it immediately and makes you want to put your nose on his skin.

Encourage contact

13- Touch it as if you were doing it involuntarily
Touch him as if you were doing it involuntarily. Stay very close to him, a little too close, in his intimate perimeter. Because normally at less than 50 centimeters, you only let people come extremely close. Put your hand on his arm while talking, put back a lock of his hair, dust a (false) crumb on his shirt…
14- Kick him under the table!
Give him a kick under the table! It’s a great classic, but it still electrifies the atmosphere. You can even give him a little caress under the table, just pass your hand on his thigh…
15- In a crowd, hug him
In a crowd (you’re in line at the movies, you’re at a demonstration), hug him as if you were being pushed. He won’t know if it’s on purpose or not, and the doubt benefits the eroticism.
16- Invite him to do sports with you
Invite him to do sports with you: jogging, swimming pool… When we sweat together, the communion of bodies is not far. But don’t do this if he and sports are two people!
17- Caress your skin in front of him
Caress your skin in front of him: your arm, your cheek, with a finger, a lock of hair, as if you found it very soft… This will make him want to touch your skin too.
18- Talk to him very closely, just at his ear
Talk to him very close, just at his ear so that he feels the warmth of your breath, or even your mouth against his neck. As if you were whispering a secret to him.
19- And in your bed, choose soft sheets
And in your bed, choose soft and shiny sheets in satin or silk, perfumed… In a word, suitable for a torrid moment.
20- Offer him a body massage
Offer him a body massage: nothing beats the feeling of being pampered. If he is in pain somewhere, take advantage of it! The back, the knee, the ankle… if your hands are experts in doing good, he will be able to imagine that you know how to go further.

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