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How to recharge your Navigo pass with AmEx?

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Don’t count on RATP to take your American Express card (or to give you change for that matter)…
In short, if you want to use your AmEx to recharge your Navigo pass every month, it’s possible by going to an authorized merchant to recharge your pass instead.

Recharge your Navigo pass with AmEx

RATP approved shops

Many RATP-approved shops (bookshops, newsagents, tobacconists, etc.) are available to buy your t+ ticket booklets and top up your Navigo monthly and weekly passes.

Passes can be topped up:

  • Navigo Month passes: from the 20th of the month preceding the month of validity.
  • Weekly Navigo passes: from the Friday before the week of validity

Some RATP-approved shops also sell Navigo Découverte passes.

Ask about it, but normally they should take your amex, which will solve your problem.

List of RATP-approved shops

Here is the list of RATP approved shops:

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