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Tips to enjoy your weekend at Puy du Fou

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Unlike Disneyland Paris or Asterix Park, there are never any real queues at the Puy du Fou because each show welcomes several thousands of spectators (6500 people in the Gallo-Roman circus alone). And to enjoy your weekend even more, follow our Puy du Fou tips.

Puy du Fou

On March 17, 2012, the Puy du Fou was the first French and European park to be distinguished as the best park in the world by receiving the “Thea Classic Awards 2012”, awarded in Los Angeles by a jury of entertainment professionals.

Puy du Fou tips

Avoid the crowd

If you really don’t like crowds, you should know that the park is most crowded between July 20 and August 20, and on the days of the Cinescénie.

Spend 1 or 2 days

It is possible to do all the main shows in 1 day. But to do everything and to walk around the villages, 2 days will be more than enough (but once again not mandatory).

Buy your tickets online

Buying your tickets online saves you the trouble of going to the ticket booths upon arrival and allows you to enter directly through the turnstiles where there is no waiting. Book your tickets online to take advantage of the many special offers and save time upon arrival.

Sleeping on site

If you can afford to pay a little more, sleep on site, in one of the three hotels of the night city, or even in a camper. You’ll already be there in the morning, rested. The hotels also have shuttles that can pick you up at the Poitiers train station.

Planning your day

The show schedules change every day, but are available for download on the website one day before (or distributed throughout the park). You will be able to see the shows that interest you first if you take a few minutes to organize your visit.


Remember to make your sandwiches beforehand because the different restaurants are very expensive and not necessarily very good.

Take into account the weather

If it’s raining you won’t regret bringing a roll of garbage bags to sit in. If it’s sunny, bring a cap, water and sunscreen.

Choose your seats well

In general, sitting in the front is a good choice, except for the birds where it is better to sit at the top to admire the flights and the arrivals of eagles and vultures at the top of the stands.

And for the evening

Cover yourself well if you are lucky enough to be able to attend the night shows (the Cinescénie or the Orgues de feu), even in summer! Translated with (free version)

The 5 shows not to be missed

If you have to see only 5… these are the ones!

The Ball of the Ghost Birds

In the time of the castles, Aurora wakes up in the ruins of the old castle and her memories bring out the hawks, owls and vultures that brush against you with their giant wings. A majestic ballet with more than 200 birds of prey and wading birds, 150 of which fly simultaneously. (3,200 seats)

The Sign of Triumph

In the year 300, during the fury of the circus games, a dozen Gallic prisoners are plunged into the arena to save their lives. Lions, lionesses, tigers and other animals await you. (6 500 seats)

The Secret of the Lance

In the 15th century, after the departure of the knights for Orleans, the young shepherdess Margueritte uses a spear with supernatural powers given to her by Jeanne la Lorraine (Joan of Arc) to defeat the English. Special effects and original music by composer Carlos Núñez, punctuate this show. (4 000 seats)

The Vikings

Emerging from their longships in the middle of gigantic flames, the ferocious warriors of the North attack the peaceful thatched Fort of the Year 1000. At the foot of a 22-meter tower, the battle rages. For 30 minutes, an amazing show rich in surprises and twists takes place before your eyes. (3 500 seats)

The Knights of the Round Table

This show takes place at the foot of the ramparts, where Merlin puts Arthur’s courage to the test. Knights’ fights, magic tricks and surprises will rise from the waters! (2 000 seats)


The Cinescénie is a night show, created almost 30 years ago. The Cinescénie is the biggest night show in the world, contributing to the notoriety of the Puy du Fou success. With more than ten million spectators per year, the Cinescénie attracts visitors from all over France.

On the world’s largest stage of 23 hectares, 1,200 actors and dancers, 24,000 costumes, 800 fireworks per performance, 2,500 projectors, 1,500 water jets… stage the history of the Vendée from the Middle Ages to the Second World War through the destiny of a family, the Maupilliers. A journey through time of nearly 2 hours that does not leave the spectator indifferent.

This show is not included in the Grand Parc ticket. It takes place only during the blue period and requires an additional reservation.

And on evenings when the Cinescénie is not scheduled, you can attend the Fire Organs show on the old Puy du Fou pond. The romantic musicians appear in their light costumes and make muses and leprechauns dance in a fantastic symphony of water and fire.

Music of the Puy du Fou shows

To stay in the atmosphere of the Puy du Fou, you will find some of the music you could hear during the shows:

Illusion by Thomas Bergersen
Tears of Stone by Carlos Núñez
Arthur’s Farewell by Jerry Goldsmith


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