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12 workouts to do at home without equipment

Woman in red brad top doing fitness
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To stay in shape, here’s a series of 12 workouts to do at home without equipment in under 10 minutes every day.

Workouts to do at home without equipment

Jumping jacks

From a standing position, with arms and legs locked together, the jumping jack consists in performing a jump with arms and legs spread sideways simultaneously, followed by a second impulse in which arms and legs are locked together.


A static exercise, the chair consists of leaning back against a wall, legs bent at 90° (thighs parallel to the ground), then holding the position without moving.


Even if you’re familiar with this exercise, don’t hesitate to follow our tips on how to do push-ups properly.

Crunch abs

A popular abdomen exercise, the crunch consists of lying on the floor with bent legs, lifting the shoulders and contracting the abdominal muscles.

Mounted on a chair

Support yourself with one foot on the chair and lift your whole body, then place the other foot on the chair and perform the same movement with the other leg.


From a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart, squats involve bending/extending the legs, “pushing” the buttocks backwards until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Chair dips

A variation on the traditional dips exercise, the chair dips consists of leaning back against the chair with the palms of the hands on the edge of the chair, then flexing/extending the elbows while keeping the back close to the chair.

Tummy tuck

A basic exercise for building abdominal muscles in a static position, belly curl consists of leaning on the floor with forearms and toes, body aligned, and holding the position without moving (abs and glutes contracted).

Running on the spot

This exercise simply involves running on the spot, bringing the knees up.


From a standing position, the lunge consists of taking a large step forward and bending the legs (without the knee going beyond the toes), then returning to the starting position.

T push-ups

This is the same movement as traditional push-ups, except that following your extension (arms outstretched), you lift one arm and your whole body (still sheathed) upwards to form a T-shape.

Lateral gainage

Leaning on one forearm (elbow level with shoulder) and the “edge” of your foot, lift your pelvis to create an aligned “legs-pelvis-trunk” segment, then hold the position. Repeat for 15 seconds on each side.

Blond woman with sport red bra doing fitness
Blond woman with sport red bra doing fitness

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Daily workouts poster

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