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How to remove a garment lock by yourself?

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Have you ever gone home with the anti-theft device still attached to your clothes after the checkout process? ? Annoying… You don’t want to go back to the store to have it removed. Several options exist.

Removing a garment lock

Option 1: like an old hard drive

Use a strong magnet, like a hard drive magnet for example.

Hard Drive magnet
Hard Drive magnet

Option 2: the like bought on Amazon for 15 euros

Use a powerful neodymium magnet, available on Amazon

Magnets on Amazon
Magnets on Amazon

Option 3: the saw

Sawing around the lock (plastic side), ideally with a mini hacksaw, the small balls inside will eject easily, and unstuck the tip.

Scie à metal Amazon

To avoid damaging the fabric

Pull on the lock, saw directly the tip, try to cut the tip with pliers.

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