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Choosing the right length (height) of jeans

Jean Levi's
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It’s not easy to choose the right height for jeans so that they’re not too short, but don’t drag on the floor either. Especially on the Internet. Here’s a guide to avoid mistakes.

The right length (height) of jeans

The inside height of the leg should be able to help you find your size.

Size cm
30 69.5 – 74.5 cm
32 74.5 – 79.5 cm
34 79.5 – 84.5 cm
36 84.5 – 89.5 cm


But the rule of thumb based on your height is simpler, and should help you more:

  • if you’re under 1m69 tall, choose size L30
  • if you’re between 1m70 and 1m76, choose size L32
  • if you’re between 1m77 and 1m86, choose size L34
  • if you are over 1m87, you need size L36

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