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Yahtzee game rules

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Playing at Yahtzee

You will need:

  • 5 dice
  • A score sheet
  • Several players

Yahtzee game rules

Yahtzee is played with 5 dice and is completed once all the squares on the score sheet have been filled. Each player takes a turn and has 3 throws for each move. The objective is to make combinations that score points. The player has the choice to take all or part of the dice at each throw, as he wishes, to try to obtain the desired combination. At each turn, the player must enter his score in one of the boxes of the score sheet, either by an X or by the points he has obtained.

It may happen that the player does not like the result of a round and thinks that he could make a higher score on another round. He can then choose to cross out another square instead. Of course, he can’t make that combination later.


When the middle total is 63 points or more, an extra 35 points are awarded, which can make the difference in the final count. So be strategic!

How to win a game of Yahtzee

The winner of a game of Yams is the player who scores the most points at the end of the 10 moves.

Yahtzee score card to download for free

Yam’s block to download.

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