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Store, access and share your media: photo, music and movies on free Plex

Plex media server
Spread our posts is arguably the best media server app you can get, provided you have some digital movies and TV of your own.

What is Plex

Plex stream your movies, your music and your photos

Plex could be refered as a streaming service… But it is not limited to offering you your movies. It can also stream your music and your photos !

However, this service isn’t a streaming service in the same way as a subscription program like Netflix, or even an à la carte storefront like Vudu. Instead, Plex is a media server. This means that you’ll provide your own content instead of relying on a big company’s library, which usually changes from month to month. And Plex is totally free: no monthly recurring fee per month.

Plex is accessible on your TV, computer, phone…

Plex takes videos, music, photos stored in a remote location. Then it streams them to a receiver, usually attached to a television, to a computer, to a phone, to a PS4, to a tablet… virtually any connected device.

You can share all your content on Plex

And you can also share them with your friends or family.

Plex is free

And for our money, the best media server you can get right now is Plex. In fact, “for our money” isn’t entirely accurate, since the best parts of Plex are absolutely free. And its latest new feature, which makes Plex one of the best streaming apps, is actually all about working with some of the best streaming services.

Plex offers a premium tier it calls Plex Pass. The Premium tier costs $120 for a lifetime pass. It offers you some premium service. But it is not an obligation to take full advantage of Plex.

Plex limitations

Plex is currently not able to manage your collection of PDF or ePub ebooks. And does not plan to manage it.

How to install Plex

Visit, setup the media server to your NAS (NAS Synology is just perfect for that), and then install the free apps on your TV, computer, mobile…

Spread our posts

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