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1 TB free in the cloud, with auto sync and private cloud storage

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No more offers with 10 or 15 GB free to tease you, some cloud services now offer directly 1TB free! Is 1TB becoming the new standard ? Maybe…

1 TB free in the cloud

TeraBox is a Japanese company, that offers 1TB free in the cloud with several other free services. It also include free apps on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Private and Secure

TeraBox provides you cloud service with 1TB free storage. It is based on private cloud storage architecture (not public cloud) for better security. And is certified ISO / IEC.

Auto Backup Photos, Videos & Folders backup

TeraBox can auto backup your photos, videos and folders. Almost all other cloud service provider offer it as well, but only offer 10 or 15GB. With 1TB, you shouldn’t run out of storage space anytime soon when synchronising your pics.

Built in Video Player

TeraBox empowers you to play videos and audio online in the cloud. You can play video and audio on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone, with multi-speed. And you can choose the video clarity including 720P.


500 files maximum, 4GB max per file, low speed download, 10 days bin retention, ads.

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