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Unblocking access to the Play Store with a VPN

Android phone
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Cached data can have a negative impact on technology you interact with. In this case, cached data could make it impossible for Google Play Store to work with a VPN on your mobile device.

Unblocking access to the Play Store with a VPN

If you can not install apps from the Play Store, it makes perfect sense that clearing that data could kickstart Google Play Store and patch things up between it and your VPN.

Step by Step tuto

Here’s how you do that on basically any Android phone.

  1. Head to your phone’s Settings screen
  2. Go to your App Manager (usually called Apps)
  3. Scroll down until you find Google Play Store and select it
  4. Press Force Stop
  5. Tap the Storage button
  6. Press the Clear Cache button
  7. Tap the Clear Data button
  8. Go back
  9. Locate Google Play Services
  10. Repeat steps 4-7
  11. Restart Google Play Store

You may have to log in, but if the issue was caused by old cached data on your device, things should now run smoothly between Google Play Store and your VPN.

Note that the location of the configuration sections and its buttons may differ depending on your Android phone’s model.

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