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Cloud storage for life: 10TB for 990 euros at pCloud

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pCloud is the cloud storage solution trusted by over 16 million people worldwide.

Cloud for life: 10 TB

What is 10 TB?

10 TB represents approximately:

  • 2,500,000 photos :
  • 2,500 movies (or 5,000 hours of HD video)

New 10 TB offer

pCloud released its new 10 TB lifetime plan in July.

This offer will cost you 990 euros, and is cumulative with the storage you already have (if you already have 2TB, you will go to 12TB with offer).

pCloud 10TB
pCloud 10TB

Profitability of the offer at 990 euros

The TB is about 50 euros (for a local hard drive), or about 500 euros for 10 TB.

With the 990 euro offer from pCloud, you have made the purchase profitable in 2 years.

Knowing that the local hard drives you buy on Amazon will not last forever and will probably fail within a few years. In the pCloud offer, the replacement of failed hard drives is taken care of by pCloud.

pCloud in a few words

pCloud is a Swiss company with European servers based in Luxembourg.

pCloud provides applications for PC / Mac / Linux, as well as for iOS / Android.

The different apps offer many features:

  • automatic synchronization between your computer and the cloud,
  • an automatic upload of your photos from your mobile,
  • an automatic local copy of files on your mobile,
  • monthly archiving of Google Drive and MSOneDrive,
  • free end-to-end encryption using the free Cryptomator application,
  • and many other services…


pCloud is a solid and reliable cloud player. The proposed offer seems to us very interesting.

You can now have more space to create more memories without having to worry about storage limits.

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