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Game: free printable battleship grid to download

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To play Battleship, no need to buy a 30 euro game, the free grids below are enough.

Battleship grid to print

Battleship grid
Battleship grid

Battleship game rules

Game principle

  • Before the game begins, each player secretly lays out his ships on his main grid.
  • Each ship occupies a certain number of consecutive spaces on the grid, horizontally or
  • vertically.
  • The number of squares for each ship is determined by the ship type.
  • Ships cannot overlap (i.e., only one ship can occupy a grid square).
  • The types and number of ships allowed are the same for each player.

The ships to be positioned on the grid

  • 1 aircraft carrier (5 spaces)
  • 1 cruiser (4 boxes)
  • 2 submarines (3 box + 3 boxes)
  • 1 torpedo boat (2 boxes)

Game play

In turn, each player tells the other his hit by designating a letter and a number, for example A8. When a ship is hit, simply place a CROSS in the indicated location. Splash! If the hit falls into the water, it must be symbolized by a Round, and so on. Victory is achieved when one player has sunk his opponent’s entire fleet.

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