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Free WC / toilets in London, in touristic places

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London is a beautiful city, but paying for toilets may sometime be irritating. Here are our good spots to use for free.

Free WC / toilets in London

Trafalgar Square Sights

Public toilets are situated on the west side of Trafalgar Square at the base of the central staircase. From the north terrace (the raised area in front of the National Gallery) the toilets can be accessed by an elevator.

Tower Brigde

In the docks, near Tower Bridge:

  • St Katherine’s Dock (SKD) Public Toilet
  • Waitrose St Katherine’s Dock

Near The London Eye

In the Royal Festival Hall.

Near the Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey

In the Methodist Central Hall is two minutes’ walk from the Houses of Parliament, opposite Westminster Abbey. The toilets are in the basement and there is elevator access.

In museums

All pubic museums are free, and have toilets:

  • In the National Gallery,
  • Tate Modern,
  • Natural history museum…

Oxford Street Department Stores

All London department stores have public toilets, whether you’re a customer or not:

  • Selfridges,
  • House of Fraser,
  • Debenhams,
  • John Lewis…

Network Rail stations

Some stations have free public toilets:

  • St Pancras,
  • Victoria,
  • London Bridge
  • Waterloo Station…

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