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Survival list: do-it-yourself kit

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Germany asks its inhabitants to stockpile food to face a conflict of a terrorist nature (August 2016): “The population will be obliged to hold an individual food supply sufficient for ten days.”

The disaster scenarios are numerous: multiple and synchronized Islamist attacks, water contamination, chemical or even bacteriological attack… As to hold several days. Here is the survival list to prepare you.

Survival list


Bring cash, in case of empty ATMs.

Copy of identification

Just in case, like when traveling.

First aid kit

See our article on what makes up a first aid kit.

Food (rice, pasta, but also cans of corn, tuna, chocolate…)

Provide a rotation of food.

Water for 10d (evian delivers to your home)

Provide a rotation.

Solar rechargeable flashlight + crank handle

Provide a self-contained lamp. You can find waterproof, solar rechargeable flashlight and crank handle for less than 20€ on Amazon:

  • igadgitz Xtra Solar Rechargeable LED Flashlight & Hand Crank Waterproof to 5m

Solar rechargeable radio + hand crank

Get a battery-powered radio, or better yet, a solar rechargeable one, at just over £20 on Amazon:

  • Degen DE13 Solar Radio Crank FM AM SW Receiver Dynamo Radio Solar Energy

Solar waterproof flashlight and crank, approx £25 on Amazon

Lighters / Matches / Magnesium Lighter Block

Between a fire starter and a brick, the simplest remains a lighter; unless you want to complicate your life.

Blueberry Micro Plus type gas stove (CV300 and CV470 cartridges)

A few euros at Decathlon to eat hot for a week.

Swiss Army knife or Leatherman multi-function pliers

The multi-function pliers is the DIY version of the Swiss Army knife:

  • Victorinox, Official Swiss Soldier’s Knife, Dark Green, just over $40 on Amazon
  • or Leatherman Rebar Multifunction Pliers with Black sheath, approx. £70 on Amazon

Survival blanket, warm clothes, k-way

To keep from getting cold.


To signal your presence

card game

To occupy the time

Survival blanket use

  • Protection against heat: gold side toward the body
  • Protection against cold: silver side towards the body

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