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Free WC / toilets in Venice (Rialto bridge)

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Venice is a beautiful city, but everything has to be paid for if you are a tourist, including the toilets (between 1 euro and 1.5 euro).

Free toilets in Venice

Fondaco dei Tedeschi

The building is a beautiful building that was originally, in the sixteenth century, a German warehouse for goods, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. In Venetian, the Fontego dei Tedeschi.

Address WC free Rialto Bridge

In the large shopping center Fondaco dei Tedeschi, located right next to the Rialto Bridge, you will find a clean and free toilet.

Bonus: the panoramic terrace

Going to the top floor of the Fondaco, on the rooftop, you can enjoy an exceptional view of the roofs of Venice, the Rialto Bridge, the bell towers, the Grand Canal, in short an exceptional panorama. Free visit, limited to 15 minutes, with reservation.

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