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Harry Potter Marauder’s Map for download

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Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

Download and print the Harry Potter Marauder’s Map:

Print ready map

Easier to print, you can download the print-ready PDF file of the Marauder’s Map in A4 format, in 8 pages, black and white, with markings for cutting and assembling:

Harry Potter Marauder's Printable Map - 8 pages
Harry Potter Marauder’s Printable Map – 8 pages

Instructions for making the marauder map

Cutout Foldout

  • Once the 8 pages are printed, cut out the first 7 pages according to the markings. Same for the eighth.
  • Paste the first 7 pages together.
  • Fold so that the first half page on the left is positioned opposite the last half page on the right.
  • Then fold the card accordion-style.
  • Position the cut-out area on page 8 in the center of the card.

Trick for aging a sheet of paper

To tint a sheet, and give it an aged look, like yellowed by time, or just to give it a bit of a parchment look, save a tea cup base, and pour it into a plastic tray.
Put a leaf in the tray, and let it soak (the trick also works with coffee).

Example of aged paper
Example of aged paper

All that’s left to do is dry, either by hanging the sheet on a clothesline with non-marking pegs, or between 2 clean, unpatterned paper towels.

Marathoner’s Map on Amazon

If you don’t have a printer, you can also buy the marauder’s card on Amazon and receive it in 24H.

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