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Secrets for highlighting your cleavage

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The cleavage is one of the delicate areas of a woman’s body, it is a sign of femininity that many of us like to play. But with the passing years, the extra pounds and the lack of physical activity, make our chest less toned, which can lead to complex. Here are 5 tips to help you.


Good support and a nice curve are the basis of a beautiful cleavage. To avoid sagging skin, you need to act on the supporting muscles: the pectorals mainly but also the neck muscles. The firmer they are, the more they will work like natural bras. Here is a simple and easy exercise that can be repeated throughout the day to tone up your chest. With your arms horizontal in front of your chest, elbows up and hands together, press your palms together ten to twenty times. You can also keep the palms tightly pressed together for about fifteen seconds before releasing. Do this five times.


The skin on the décolleté is thinner than the rest of the body and lacks sebaceous glands, so it needs to be moisturized regularly. Forget your body care for this area and use your face care instead, which is more adapted, or opt for specific creams. To reshape the bust, there are very effective tensor treatments. Thanks to their firming active ingredients, they work like a real breast lift by enhancing the breasts and improving the elasticity of the skin.


The skin of the décolletage is particularly fragile and very sensitive to the sun. To avoid premature aging, skin sagging (and therefore loss of firmness) but also the appearance of wrinkles or spots, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and especially protect yourself from UV rays by applying a sunscreen with a high index. In fact, too much sun will dry out the skin of the décolleté, making it lose its elasticity. Result: sagging breasts!


Massaging your breasts regularly helps to firm the skin. Proceed with circular movements, in a clockwise direction and always from the bottom to the top. Gestures should be gentle, not too hard. The flat hand should only touch the area. To make the massage more pleasant, use an oil or gel, if they are invigorating, even better.


As with the face, you can use makeup to sculpt your cleavage. Pretty proud of your chest? Just drop a veil of iridescent powder on the décolletage to catch the eye. Be careful not to overdo the glitter, however, as it brings out the irregularities in the skin texture. Want to go up a size? Cheat! A simple technique that plays on light and shadow can boost the volume of your breasts. First, apply a bronzing powder in the hollow between the breasts. Then put your illuminator on the curve (i.e. the bulging part of the neckline). This will catch the light and give the impression of a more voluptuous bust.

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