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Address of Hugo Boss factory outlet in Germany

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In January 1924, tailor Hugo Ferdinand Boss established a small clothing workshop at 2 Kronenstrasse in Metzingen, a small town in Württemberg south of Stuttgart, Germany.

The workshop, which had 33 employees in 1925, produced windbreakers, linen, men’s shirts, and soon work clothes, sportswear and raincoats. Today, more than thirty million pieces of clothing labeled Hugo Boss are sold each year around the world.

Hugo Boss factory outlet in Germany


The former Hugo Boss suit factory near Stuttgart, has been converted into a huge factory store on 3 floors, selling suits, jeans, beach towels, etc… at hyper-interested prices.

Maienwaldstraße 2
D-72555 Metzingen


You can also order directly on the website, and benefit from special offers or clearance items:

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