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iOS vs Android: 10 reasons why you should leave Apple

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After years and years with Apple, iOS is over for me. I’ve become addicted to Android, and I’m not going back to iOS… iOS vs Android. Explanation.

iOS vs Android: Why leave Apple ?

Apple’s lead with iPhones is over

The technological lead is no longer what Apple could have had in 2010.

Android even surpasses iOS in terms of features to date.

The options are much more advanced on Android

The possibilities of setting up your phone on Android are just insane…

Rooted or not, it’s almost limitless. With iOS you are restricted to a closed mini-universe.

The home screen is customizable on Android

Your home screen can be set to the nearest milimeter.

On Android, with Nova Launcher (free) you can define the number of appi rows, app columns, you assign your PNG icons to your folders, etc…

Open source apps are available everywhere

On the software side, the apps are free and open source for the most part: Bitwarden, Signal, Simplenote, Firefox, MEGA

They are available on iOS and Android, so I’m not dependent on Apple.

Google apps perform better on Android

The Google apps are obviously more powerful when used on an Android system: gMail, gDrive, gMap, etc…

There are more options, the apps are completely integrated with the smartphone, the dark mode has existed for years on gMail, gCalendar, gPhoto, etc…

APK apps don’t have to answer to Google

Android apps can be installed without going through the official store, thanks to APKs.

This means you can download VPN apps (e.g. NordVPN) or password management apps (e.g. Bitwarden) directly from the publisher’s website. Advantage: these apps can go against Google’s policy and offer tracker or ad blockers (which is not allowed for apps available on the PlayStore). You’ll never be able to install an APK on your iPhone or go against Apple’s policy.

Apple is locked in its world

On the hardware side, Apple is a closed system, which only commits to itself, and locks you into the Apple world. You have to buy your Apple TV, your EarPods, etc…

Me, I don’t have a clamped Apple TV, I have a Chromecast Ultra

Memory is not a problem on Android

To get 200MB more from Apple, you will add mininum 150 euros more to the price of the iPhone. And if you need more memory afterwards, it’s just not possible.

On Android, you add a memory card whenever you want. And a SanDisc memory card of 200MB costs 20 euros on Amazon.

The Apple prices are not justified

The price and margins taken by Apple are totally unjustified. You pay 1500 euros for a phone whose cost price is 400 euros at most.

Apple may think it is Cartier or Hermès…but it is neither Cartier nor Hermès.

Last one

Buying Apple to be fashionable is a thing of the past.

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