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How to learn to type without looking at the keyboard (free course)?

Black computer keyboard
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Typing well is very important, and then it is used all your life, every day. So it’s a very profitable investment. And it’s like riding a bike, you don’t forget.

Typing then takes 3 times less time, and becomes effortless.

typing without looking at the keyboard

Learning is done from a chain of free exercises, step by step (3 letters, then 5, then 7, etc…) to learn to type like the pros without looking for the keys on his keyboard. It then becomes automatic.

Typing without looking at the keyboard

How does it work?

The trainings are in English, French, etc… on American, French, Swiss, Belgian… windows or mac type keyboard… your choice! You start by learning how to position your fingers, and off you go!

And it’s ideal for introducing computers to young children, from 10 years old, who are just asking for it!

Free website is a free, progressive, and fun website… that will teach you to become a keyboard pro in no time and wow your friends/colleagues.

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