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20 must-have free mobile apps for geeks

Android phone
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The best 100% free apps to have on your cell phone to be a real geek!

Must-have mobile apps

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the essential application of the geek, which allows him to parameterize his screen, his icons, the number and the layout of his apps, his widgets, etc… on his phone screen. This allows the geek to have a unique screen, which looks like him.

Bit Defender Antivirus free

Bit Defender Antivirus free is an ultra-efficient minimalist antivirus that consumes very few resources and does not bother its users with advertising banners. Because geeks hate advertising.

File Manager

File Manager is the application for Android phones that allows you to manage files efficiently, both locally and in the cloud. The geek loves the cloud.


pCloud is THE cloud that you pay for once and for all for life (the geek loves it). pCloud offers him a very practical application to access all his data even offline. In the free version, 10 GB are offered.


Cryptomator is a free, open source and 100% pCloud compatible app to encrypt all types of files from end to end. Geeks love to encrypt their data, important or not, to protect themselves.


Mega is also a Cloud. Mega offers 20 GB for free and can be a good alternative for all geeks who don’t want to pay pCloud.


Bitwarden is a free application that remembers all passwords and fills them in automatically, because the geek is a bit lazy. The app syncs with all other devices and also offers a web interface.


Authy, in addition to Bitwarden (for geeks who decided to stay on the 100% free version of Bitwarden), generates dual authentication codes and syncs to all devices.

Net Analyser

Net Analyser allows the geek in you to always have an eye on the devices that are connected to a WiFi network. Just in case…


Simplenote is a small application that allows you to always have a notepad at hand (on the phone), and that synchronizes with all other devices. Including on the Linux versions that the geek particularly appreciates.


Firefox is the browser that probably respects the geek’s privacy the most and keeps him away from Google. It is possible to install a few essential plug-ins on the mobile application to avoid being tracked and surf in dark mode (mode created especially for geeks and hackers).


Spark is the email client that allows you to read and send emails easily. But geeks use email less and less in their everyday life.


Signal is the application to choose for all those who flee from WhatsApp and co. Geeks meet each other on Signal and can create geek groups.

Orange Phone

Orange Phone is an application that works with any telephone operator, and thanks to the community of its users (necessarily geeks), it allows to systematically filter all advertising or malicious calls.


Wallet, is (unfortunately for the geek) a Google application, but quite useful anyway, because it allows the geek to pay with his phone or his connected watch in the stores.


Plex allows you to be connected 24 hours a day to your NAS. With Plex it is possible to listen to your music, watch your movies, and also look at your photos. The geek can access the NAS of all his geek friends who have of course installed Plex on their NAS!


Sonos is fully compatible with Plex and allows you to control all the connected speakers in the house very easily. Because geeks like to control everything from their phone.


Inoreader is an ad-free RSS reader with a lot of options to keep up with the latest geek news.


PocketBook is is a great little app for reading ePub and PDF files, which syncs your geek books and the current page of your reading on all your devices, with no ads.


Amazon will allow you to track live Prime (not Prime) delivery of all your geek orders.

Share your other apps

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