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Access and map of the naturist zone in the Vincennes wood (Paris)

Bois de Vincennes
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The area is located between the allée Royale and the route Dauphine: an area of 7300 m2, quite limited in fact since it represents only the equivalent of a soccer field.

This clearing is delimited by signs indicating: “You enter a space where the practice of naturism is authorized”. A charter is also posted. And the zone is away from the usual walking areas for more tranquility. So, no risk of being disturbed by stray walkers and joggers.

Map of the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes

Plan zone naturiste bois de Vincennes
Plan zone naturiste bois de Vincennes

Naturist zone opening hours

From 8am to 9:20pm, from mid-April to mid-October.

Other naturist zones in Paris

Naturist areas are rather rare in Paris. Only the swimming pool discovered Roger Le Gall, also located in XIIeme not far from wood of Vincennes (34, boulevard Carnot), opens its basin three times per week after 9 p.m. with the swimmers in their simplest apparatus.

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