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Strategy for a good Netflix subscription sharing

Watching Netflix
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Sharing your Netflix account is a good solution to pay less, because a Premium account can allow simultaneous streaming of up to 4 screens. This way, it only costs a few euros per person per month.

Netflix subscription sharing

How much does Netflix cost?

  • Netflix Essential: 8,99€/month, gives you access to videos, without contract, without advertising, unlimited. But you only have access to one screen at a time and do not benefit from high-definition.
  • Netflix Standard: 13,49€/month, allows you to watch Netflix on 2 screens at once, in HD. So you can share and enjoy your account with your friends and family. If three of you want to watch a content on Netflix, one of you will be denied access to the platform.
  • Netflix Premium: 17.99€/month, is available to satisfy everyone. Watch what you want, on 4 screens at the same time, in ultra HD.

What is prohibited and what is allowed

According to Netflix’s terms of use, an account must not be shared with people outside your household.

However, it is technically possible to share your Netflix account with any users located at other addresses, since you are allowed to log in from different locations to your account.

When a device outside your home logs into your account or is used regularly, Netflix may ask you to verify it before it can be used to watch Netflix or to change your Netflix home. Netflix relies on information such as IP address, device ID and account activity from devices connected to the Netflix account.

How many devices can I use an account on?

  • Netflix Essential: You will need to be content with watching your videos alone.
  • Netflix Standard: You have the possibility to be 2 to watch your favorite movies and series at the same time.
  • Netflix Premium: You can be 4, family or friends, to watch videos simultaneously.

The service still allows you to configure up to 5 different profiles but at the 5th simultaneous connection, the last one wishing to connect will not be able to do so.

Share your account

Create a dedicated password for Netflix

Use a password dedicated to this account, different from the one you usually use.

Create a profile for each new subscriber

In order for everyone to enjoy their profile the way they want, it is a good idea for each user to create their own profile. This can be done either by the owner beforehand or by the subscriber after accessing the service.

Even if nothing prevents a user from accessing another person’s profile, it will encourage him to click on his name 😉

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