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8 seats to reserve in priority in a plane, to be more comfortable

Airplane landing
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You can reserve your seat online at check-in:

the most efficient solution is to reserve your seat 24 hours in advance on your airline’s website.
If this is not possible, then you will have to arrive at the airport as soon as check-in opens, i.e. three hours before the flight departure.

Seats to reserve on a plane

On (from tripadvisor), you will find the plane plans of the main airlines.

Seats to get out in the first row

You have to be at the front of the plane. This is where the passengers’ ascent and descent are most often done.

Seats to avoid turbulence

Practical when you are afraid of flying, it is at the level of the wings that you feel the least turbulence. On the other hand, the view is not blocked by the wings.

Seats to have less noise

It is at the front of the plane that we are less disturbed by the noise of the aircraft in flight.

Seats to extend your legs

It is at the level of the emergency exits that the seats are the most spaced out (to occupy these seats, it is thus necessary to arrive in advance at the airport and to ask if the seats near an emergency exit are available).

Seats to sleep / see the landscape

It is obviously on the window side that you have to sit.

Seats to go to the toilet easily

It is on the corridor side that you should be placed, but not too close to the toilets (to avoid the noise of the flushing).

Seats to have a choice of meal trays

The rows closest to the “kitchens” are the best places to be.

Seats to survive in case of a crash

According to a 2007 Popular Mechanics study of the last 40 years, passengers seated in the back of the plane have a 69% chance of surviving a plane crash (versus 49% in the front).

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