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StartMe is an online service that allows you to create one or more customizable start pages on your Chrome, Firefox or other browser.

Finally a cool customizable homepage

It’s an amazing tool to simply organize all your favorite sites, RSS feeds and news feeds on a single start page. Ultra convenient.

Startme home
Startme home

Thanks to when you open your browser no matter what computer you’re using, you’ll have access to all of your resources, favorites and the latest news from your news sources.

Widgets of all kinds is reminiscent of a service like Netvibes that has become overpriced or even the late iGoogle.

On each of these pages you can include widgets that will contain:

  • your search engines,
  • your favorites,
  • the RSS feeds of your favorite newspapers,
  • the news from your social networks,
  • your mailbox emails,
  • your calendar,
  • your to-do list,
  • one or more notepads,
  • the stock market prices you are tracking,
  • the weather in your city,
  • etc…
Startme widgets
Startme widgets

And all this visible at a glance, synchronized on all your computers, tablets and phones!

How it works

All this is configurable as you wish. Blocks (or widgets in English) move on the page with the tip of the mouse. You can choose the type of display, the background color, the presence or not of images and their size… And the number of pages you can create is unlimited, depending on the themes you need…

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