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How to work out at home without equipment?

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The Lafay method, also known as the proteo-system, is a weight training method for men and women. It allows you to obtain good results thanks to exercises that can be done without the use of a machine. This is the main advantage of this method, which can be practiced at home for free. The only investment will be the purchase of a book describing the exercises to be practiced and the evolution to follow to progress.

Lafay Method

The method uses only your body weight as resistance. This means you can train wherever you want, whenever you want. No need for dumbbells and benches. No need to stand in line at point hours, in front of the machines, in a weight room.

Musculation at home

The workouts are short and few (pull-ups, abs, gainage …). A practitioner seeking only to get back in shape or maintain his body will spend about two to three hours per week.

This method allows you to obtain quick and lasting results. It includes progressive training and specific programs. Thus, each practitioner, regardless of his or her level, will be able to achieve the desired results: eliminate excess fat, develop muscles improve athletic performance. The 110 exercises offered allow you to build muscle anywhere and anytime.

Other works

Following the success of the book, others have been published:
– Turbo Bodybuilding Method
– Method of bodybuilding for women
– Nutrition Method

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