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How to gain 2 bra sizes to be sexy?

Woman in black bra
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Extra padded bra to gain 2 cup sizes. Get ready to have a vertiginous neckline, even with small breasts. Here is a comparison of the brands that offer the most effective models. You now have the keys to a dream figure. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion.

Highly padded bra: Gain 2 cup sizes

Foam or gel based, removable or not… several techniques exist. The ideal being foam (lighter but eventually settles slightly with machine washings), and non-removable padding (for better positioning and a more beautiful shape).

Top brands to win 2 cup sizes

Here is a selection of the 5 brands that won’t disappoint.

Victoria’s Secret (

The Bombshell is the classic Victoria’s Secret bra. It comes in many colors, some of which are limited edition. It is very light because it is made of foam, and you will forget it quickly. You can buy it in London or order it in the US (read our advice at the bottom of the article to order in the US). Between 50$ and 70$, it is more expensive than the others.

  • Bombshell bra
Bombshell padded bra by VS
Bombshell padded bra by VS

American Eagle Outfitters (

American Eagle’s Drew is even more padded than the Bombshell: you could almost call it +2.5 sizes. It is available in size AA. By cons, quite few colors are available; only the classic colors, namely: white, black, and beige. Also in foam, so very light and comfortable. To be ordered in the US. About 40$.

  • Drew pushup bra
  • Drew vintage lace pushup bra

Wonderbra (

The Full Effect by Wonderbra is quite heavy because of the gel (so it hurts your back and ends up weighing down at the end of the day). It is a little less rounded and bluffing than the first two, but is available in France (Galeries Lafayette for example) and is more effective than the Magic Up of Etam (also heavy because based on gel). Between 30€ and 40€.

  • Full Effect Bra
Full Effect Padded Bra by Wonderbra
Full Effect Padded Bra by Wonderbra

Fredrick’s (

Frederik’s, along with Soma (see below), are also among the brands very well known in the US and offering ‘add 2 cups push-bra’. Site to consult also to vary the colors. The models are also to order in the US, unless you go there. About 40$.

  • Hollywood knockout push-up bra
Knockout padded bra
Knockout padded bra

Soma (

Same as previous comment. About $40, but often out of stock.

  • Ravishing adds 2 cup push up bra
Ravishing padded bra
Ravishing padded bra

Other brands of highly padded bra to gain 2 cup sizes

Here are other brands to check out as well that will offer you models that allow you to gain 2 cup sizes, and vary shapes and colors.

La Senza (

Canadian brand, from Montreal, that rivals other big American brands with my Hello Sugar pattern. Effective models to gain 2 sizes at $45 CAD (about 35€).

  • Hello Sugar push up bra

Maidenform (

Quite a well-known brand sold in France on zalando. Remains to be seen if you manage to find one of the two models below.

  • Comfort Devotion Maximizer push-up bra
  • The Ultimate push-up bra

Ambrielle (

Lesser-known American brand, but the padding seems to work pretty well for $35

  • Mystic Ultimate Upsize push-up bra

Lily of France (

We have never heard of this brand in France, but it seems to be known in the US though, and offers colorful models.

  • Ego Boost push-up bra

Wallmart (

The US retail chain offers models with double padding for around $15, an unbeatable price.

  • Twice as Nice push-up bra

M&S (

Mark & Spencer too is in the running in England, offering classic black, white and beige models.

  • 2 Cup Sizes Bigger Underwired Plunge push-up bra

Maxcleavage (

English site, which looks a bit homemade.

  • Maxcleavage Gel Arm

Primark (

The British Tati offers models for a few pounds. It remains to be seen if the quality is there.

  • Maximize Your Assets bra


Affordable price (40€ on the internet) for a rather expensive brand, but only available in headband (so less effective).

  • Super Glam push-up bra

New Look (

Their Super Push-Up model is out of stock at the moment.

  • Super push-up

Preferred padded bra

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Our tips if you are ordering from the US

Before ordering from the US:

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